How to behave with others

It is a well known saying that a person is known by his behavior. The way in which a person behaves with other people is the reflection of his own nature. So it is said that we should always behave well with others. It is said that our behavior should be good with others. The reason behind this is not that by behaving well with others, our image will be good in front of others, but also that we are behaved in response by the others in just the same way in which we behave to them. Our behavior represents our nature. It is the most necessary element of a civilized society. Good behavior makes more friends for us. It paves way for us for our various works. Because of the fact that we are dependent on others for our various works and necessities, that’s why when we behave with others in a good way, the others will also behave with us in a good way. So our good behavior is the key to our success in our life. It gives us the guarantee that we will succeeded in our life. Having a smile on our face does not cost us anything, but it makes us earn much more. It makes others familiar to us. It develops an understanding between us and others. When people behave with others in a good way, they are impressed by each other, they help each other and most importantly they set a very good and noble example of mutual harmony among themselves. Good behavior has a very positive impact on all the relations and affairs of human life. Nothing difficult has to be done in behaving with others in a well manner. It is very simple and easy. People can very easily greet each other, and in return a lot of mental satisfaction and inner peace. Good behavior provides us with an inner sense of satisfaction. When people behave with other in a pleasing manner, the entire environment around them will remain calm and peaceful. It will also be a source of soothness and comfort for the people. People surely feel happy, contended and comfortable when they behave well with their fellows. To conclude, we can say that, good behavior is the key to all the happiness of mankind. It gives satisfaction and comfort to us so we should always behave well with others.

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